December 2, 2014

100 Year Old House... renewed!

Recently, your company replaced my old metal roof with a new Lifetime 26 gauge metal roof. My house is over 100 years old and the new roof has made a huge difference in the homes overall appearance. More importantly, the house is secure from the elements. I should have done this sooner.

The main purpose of my letter however is to tell you how much I appreciate the care and diligence that the crew displayed while there were here.They worked all day, everyday, for two weeks while the weather was cold and conditions were difficult. [They] were outstanding in their work and the careto make sure everything was completed to my satisfaction. [The foreman] is an outstanding team leader who sets the example as he works alongside his team. The team, under his leadership, simply did an amazing job.

Thanks again for your great work.

James L Hogg
Blackstone, VA

November 30, 2014

"I'm here to say you guys are great!"

Marie, I would like to send my compliments and thanks to you guys for a great experience on roofing our house and garage buildings. Anytime you go into something of this importance there is a little apprehension as to weather you are choosing the right contractor, product etc. Especially after having my home in Florida almost ruined by a bad roofing contractor. Well, I'm here to say you guys are great! Larry not only came up here once but twice to answer any questions I had on this project and confirm pricing and warranty concerns I had. On the second trip when I explained I was waiting on getting a portico built over the cellar stairs as to why I hadn't pulled the trigger on the roof yet, well he fixed that issue on the spot. You guys built the portico along with the roof job! And at a price that couldn't be beat.

As far as your price on the roof: I was almost scared back to shingles by estimates that other contractors gave me that only did standing seam roof panels, well when I was given the option of, I think it's called tuff rib panels of the same gauge, made by the same manufacturer, out of the same material, with the same warranty for far less, that's what sealed the deal.

As far as the job itself, your crew were a breath of fresh air. After years of dealing with contractors that don't care about anything other than getting paid and off to the next job, your guys were the exception. Even though you were the best price I received I still got the best quality install. [The crew] took the time to show me choices on flashing styles, the pros and cons of each type, folding corners to give it a more finished look when other houses I went and looked at in the area didn't have that attention to detail.

I'm a hands on kind of guy, [the crew leader] answered each of my concerns with a sensible explanation as to why and how things were done a certain way, and what the drawbacks were of not doing it that way. These guys worked under the worst conditions, one day of rain, 3 days of 30 mph winds and still managed to get it done in an expedient professional manner.

I have sent [my project manager] before and after pics, even though he came out twice during the install, for your records. Feel free to use them how you want. Several passerby's stopped to say "Iookin good" and a couple neighbors actually came over to ask about you guys. After talking to them they are considering metal instead of asphalt shingle roofing as well. When I explained what an attractive financing package you got us as well that just made the expense so much easier to budget, they were very interested.

Thanks once again for a great experience. Feel free to use me as a reference.

Mark Palomba
Bunker Hill Farm
Stephens City, VA.

September 26, 2014

Commended for his work...

Writing regarding the metal roofing [by] VA Carolina Building Inc. installed on our home. We are very pleased with the finished job. The metal roofing looks great on our brick home. [Your crew] went far and beyond to make sure job was done well and all leaks, rotten wood repaired. [They] communicated with us well. Always asked our opinion when questioning how work was to be done. What he was planning to do and our thoughts, as my husband once built house's. [The crew foreman] is very hard working man and proud of work he does. That's the only type of person I want working on my home. He is to be commended on his work.

Bonnie Cosby
Powhatan, VA